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Bank accounts

Tier 1 service content

Bank accounts are products which can be described to consist of financial service contracts in between two parties 1) Bank 2) Customer. Financial services are under increasing scrutiny of supervision in mostly majority of jurisdictions globally. Banking is a regulated sector of services and banks have multilateral reporting obligations  due to agreements done over jurisdictions. This means that finding a bank to service your needs may be challenging and possible only with an advisor with a special acknowledgement over the matter.

This service is suitable for a small size business (Tier1) with a revenue of less than 200.000,00  (USD, EUR, STERLING).

We will provide you an assistance to a preparation of bank account opening to a various jurisdictions.

Bank account opening is a subject to a multiple regulations to statute the current situation  in a regulatory framework within banks in a relation to underlying jurisdiction(s).

Ultimately the bank is a decision maker in the matter of opening the bank account to a customer and  customer has a very little to say over the matter.

We will provide you an initial assistance over the matter and likely candidates those could be your banker options. How ever these are likely options with a high degree of probability to open the bank account for you albeit it is possible that result is not for your favor.

This service includes and is limited to sections on the right or below (in mobile) upon successful product fee payment using the button below. If you you are a citizen of United States this service is not available for you. If you are a private person or a non business entity this service is not available for you.

Please pay the product fee below in order to go forward with the matter. Preceding the payment you will be asked your contact detail. Our advisor in going to contact you within 24 hours upon your success full payment of the product fee. This product fee is a one time retainer and assignment(s) out from enclosed listing on the right hand side (1-4) are agreed separately.

Initial conversation over the matter & your needs

Upon successfull product fee payment you will be approached by our advisor.

Please prepare yourself with a documentation of your:

  • income structure & source of income

  • incorporation documents if incomes are addressed to a separate or incorporated entity that is segregated from you

  • your own ID document

  • your own proof of residency.

The content of this conversation is to map out your situation & underlyuing matter with it in order for you to find a best possible solution for your needs.


Suggestions & possibilities

Upon successful 1st step you will receive our suggestions of bankers & guidance in reference to our 1st step at initial conversation.


Addressing to you the suitable banker for your needs

We shall address to you  a variety of Bankers for your needs. Please be advised that a bank is making the Ultimate decision of and in regard to opening the bank account.  Communication with bank is going to be done in between you and the bank. Cotax Consultants is a not a party of this communication. This means that the matter of opening the bank account is in the sole discretion of the bank and Cotax Consultants is not providing any warranty within the matter.


Follow up

We will contact you over the matter to follow up your  results.

Let's Work Together

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