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About Us
Cotax Consultants and our practice


In our view needs by customer are creating a foundation to a provision of services. Having this in our mind we have found out the preliminary conversation & mapping out to a customer business structure an extremely important step in setting up  a new assignment.  Our values include trust, competence and honesty.

Cotax Consultants a company whose partners and associates have considerable experience in handling corporate and private affairs. Our practice focuses primarily on tax, corporate matters and in addition we have a digital accounting office to a provision of needs in reporting. We also offer the service to wealthy individuals.

We cover all aspects of a tax planning, statutory measures, statutory reporting and we represent our clients in front of the tax authorities.


Careful tax planning is a priority for any forward-looking company or an individual, especially in a changing world of a transparency and world of cross-border transactions, where tax optimization must also take ethical standards into account. We provide our clients with comprehensive and expert advice within local and cross-border matters. We have  relationships with a number of leading international law and tax advisory firms globally and we have as well connections to all relevant tax administrations in various jurisdictions.

Check out our essential services here.  We would love to hear from you more. You can contact us about your service needs by email at or  by filling  contact form.

Our Team

Range of services

Professionalism, knowledge and experience.

Tax services

Holistic approach

  • income tax advice

  • income tax calculations and a tax return

  • investment company taxation

  • VAT calculations, declarations

  • trader taxation

  • taxation of capital gains

  • cross-border tax issues

  • international income tax situations and interpretation of tax treaties

  • a fixed income tax place of business in a view of conventions and acts

  • tax optimization

  • reference for a preliminary ruling

  • tax adjustments

  • counsel in tax audit.

Business relocation & internationalization

Choice of domicile and taxation

  • domicile transfer situations

  • choice of legal form

  • jurisdiction-specific advice

  • transfer pricing

  • VAT in international situations

  • tax treaties

  • incorporation.

Valuations, business acquisitions & mergers

The road to success

  • business valuation calculations

  • business plans

  • business start-ups and closures

  • choice of legal form

  • incorporation

  • calculations for acquisitions

  • Due Diligence.

Digital Accounting office

Global service

  • sole trader accounting

  • limited company accounting

  • association accounting

  • limited partnership & partnership accounting

  • public company accounting

  • tax calculations

  • tax adjustments

  • tax reporting

  • financial statements and tax returns.

One stop services

One stop shopping for a person who has already "made it"

  • services  for a high net worth individual

  • change of domicile & relocation

  • tax registrations

  • registration for a business

  • incorporations

  • reporting within and after the process.

Proceed to plans

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